All those sweet reminders

Posted in relationships, something like smut, Uncategorized by Delilah Wood on May 13, 2010

Once in a while (and much more often of late, which pleases me), I get the opportunity to top my favorite top. He is, in reality, a switch, and one of the most experienced full-time submissives I know, but that’s not his life anymore, and for over three years he’s been far more of a Daddy to me than a bottom of any kind.

The urge has been there for him lately, though, as our hearts keep opening to each other more and more. And the way he opens himself to me is so complete that it nearly paralyzes me. When he wishes to give himself to me, he transforms into the most dazzling engraved invitation I have ever seen, delivered by a dirty and bloodied knight on one knee with his head bowing over his outstretched hand. And there I am, without a single pretty dress to wear.

In the face of his impressively masculine body laid bare and trimmed, his ass cleaned out in advance, his blue eyes wide and seeking approval, and all the tools I could want laid out carefully to hand, I almost don’t know what to do to him.


It is a truly beautiful thing to watch a piece of smooth, glistening steel disappear into a big hard cock, then have him push it out. A joy beyond reason to fuck a willing ass with a toy the texture and color of his skin until I come screaming. And an intimate and transcendent pleasure to fist him while we both do.

But it was the little things along the way that reminded me of who I am when I top. The way I like to grab his ear and move him around by it. The way I like to stick my fingers in his mouth and feel his teeth, and move his head around by the jaw as if he were a horse I was looking to buy. How I like to grab and squeeze him, both in strong places like pecs and quads and shoulders, and in soft places like sides and insides of elbows. How I like to bite his face and his lip, and just run my hands over and over the lean expanse of him. Mine. Mine. Mine.

He might ask me if I want this or that, if I’d like the knife to run over his skin, or the suction cups for his nipples, or whatever. There are ways in which he wants to please me so much that it can feel like he wants to run the show. And that’s okay, too, because that’s part of how I know what it is I want, which is what this is about. “Do you want the knife?” “No, I want to bite you.” “Do you want to sit and I’ll straddle you facing away?” “No, I want you on your knees with your ass in the air.” Gentle topping from below is just another means of clarifying. Just another way of letting me know what it is I want.

Because I can forget. In work, it was easy to forget. In being with him, in the way he tops me, I can forget everything. For a long time, even when I topped him it was following his lead; in some ways, he’s still teaching me how to fuck with a strap-on.

But more and more, he’s reminding me. He’s bringing me back to what I like, and what I want, and what I need, from him.

And that is truly sweet.

Realistic and quick negotiation in the moment

Posted in practicalities by Cal Stockton on April 12, 2010

The real world isn’t some dry internet fantasy of infinite negotiation in advance. Realistically, we don’t always go through a huge long internet checklist of likes and dislikes in advance, or dozens of detailed emailed fantasies as we travel around opposite sides of the planet before finally meeting up for a first tryst. Sometimes, sure. But sometimes it’s simpler – we meet at a party or a quick lesson with a mutual friend, or we’re friends and then one day it comes out that we really are both interested, and suddenly it’s all WHOAchemistry and “Do you mind giving us a moment of privacy so I can really slap him around for a bit?”

I love getting to know people well enough to be sure I have a sense of their boundaries and how to read them, and to know how they react and whether they tend to be able to safeword if we hit any real problems. I love learning to read people better as we spend more time together. But first times and new people are tricky, and these things to do come up. I’ve never read anything on dealing with these spontaneous first time issues in a way that actually turns me on, so let’s put aside the more intricate stuff that comes later on and focus on how to make this fun.

I’m a bumbling mess with new people, first time. I stammer my way through asking what’s okay. “Whatever you want” is not an acceptable answer – I need a bit more guidance than that, before I learn someone. I have some pretty out there desires, compared to some folks, and I worry about pushing people harder and faster than they want to go. And simultaneously, there are folks to whom my desires are mild and dull, and I worry about being too tentative and boring them.

But how to deal with the responsibility of charting new territory? Submissive-leaning people aren’t generally so great at explaining what they are and aren’t into, especially in the moment when they are already getting turned on and slipping into that headspace. (Some are, mind. And I absolutely treasure and appreciate them. More precious than rubies.)

I love talkative bottoms. I know a lot of people go non-verbal when they hit that headspace (hell, I sure tend to, somewhat), but if you can be talkative, oh, please do! (Well, if you’re with me, anyways. I’m wired such that the fastest way to get me off is to talk to me. Your mileage may vary.)

I recently had a fellow start a first encounter by just giving me the sexiest fucking stream of suggestions ever. No demands, no list of requirements, just a long stream of please this, please that, please please please yes. Asking to be slapped, choked, all sorts of gorgeous hot things that really get me going, in a very different tone than I’d ever heard him use before. That sort of enthusiastic welcome makes me feel so much more free to play intensely early on. Really, even non-verbal obvious enthusiasm and encouragement would. Tops need to have and build up trust too, you know. Which I think goes too often ignored.

There have been times when I’ve felt pressure to play harder from the first moment on with new people than I’m really comfortable with. Not wanting to be an unintentional rapist, I usually prefer to start slow and ramp it up as I learn to read new people better. React well, give me reason to trust that you really are into this and want more, and I’ll push things in a more intense direction. But there’s a trust and learning curve there. I’ve had at least one or two really miserable occasions of basically being given up on for that, and it sucked. A lot.

So, to folks who bottom – please be understanding. I understand that there are things you wouldn’t want me to do the day we meet. There are things I’m not ready to do that first time, either. That has to be okay.

If you need things to ramp up faster, find a way to show it in positive light. Squirm or struggle more. Beg. Communicate. If you require a mind-reader, look somewhere else. If you have more time, do send fantasies and encouragement in advance. But a bit of pleasepleaseplease can do a lot of good, in the moment.

Even with new people who enthusiastically give a lot of encouragement and energy and good responses and open invitation to push things around whichever way I want to, I still really need to make sure that each thing I want to do is consensual. “Whatever you want,” and even special requests for a few things, might turn out to coincide with whatever I’m into, or it might mean “you can punch me but not cane me, tie me up but don’t ask me to kneel, slap me across the face but nowhere else, slam your knee into my crotch but don’t slide needles under the skin on my back.” These things are complicated!

How do we find out, without the time in advance to talk over every possibility? How do we avoid risking pushing past people’s limits and unintentionally abusing their trust?

Sure, we can quickly say: “I want to punch you until you say you’re done,” and “Okay!”, but personally, I need more power play with my sensation play to really get much out of it. Which complicates matters even more.

The best answer I’ve found so far is really to preface every new sort of thing I’m about to do by asking if it’s okay. Not in a dull, dry, “Is it really all right if I perhaps hit you, please?” sort of way, but in a pressed-up-against-them, looking-into-their-eyes, moaning-turned-on-voice, holding-them-down sort of way: “It’s okay if I [bite you, put my hands over your mouth and nose, dig my nails into your flesh, kiss you, punch you, slap your face.. harder, hold you up just by this rope that’s already left welts digging into your skin, etc]?” Leading questions, hand against their face or clenched hard in their hair, intense desire – but a pause, a beat, watching them and waiting for that trembling perfect moment of wanting and consent.

I can’t bring myself to cross potential boundaries unless I get clear consent – unless we’ve previously discussed that being okay, of course. Which makes things all the better, but is not something I know how to negotiate in the moment. But as for all this, thank fuck for gorgeous people who respond with variations on yes, yes, please please, yes.

There’s a gendered aspect here, I think. If I were a man topping women, there would be much more of a cultural insinuation that I’m subtly pressuring people into giving me what I want. Even without that, I very much see it as my responsibility to police myself, even though most people I play with are bigger and stronger than me and could easily fight me off if they had to. (Until I have them restrained. Until I have them in the right headspace. Until I have secrets, photos, stories. Until I have a knife to their throat, or against their balls, or shoved up their cunt. (Until I make them want to do what I want, but only after making sure that they want to be made to want to do what I want. Geek sex ahoy!))

I have a ‘yes means yes’ focus, more than a ‘no means no’ one – though that too, of course. Without much more extensive and explicit discussion in advance, I’m not advocating pushing through and doing whatever strikes your fancy in the absence of a safeword. Ask, and wait a beat. Don’t go on if they fail to say no. Don’t go on if they say yes but look uncomfortable or unsure.

This loses me the stoics, but for first encounters in particular, I’m really only willing to go on only if they show that they are enthusiastically aroused at the suggestion. With words, with squirming and biting and moaning, with leaning back and baring the throat a bit more or fighting back with a grin and a groan and hardness or dampness against my thigh. Forget yes means yes, even. YesyesyesyespleasePLEASEyes means yes.

I actually don’t fetishize consent. I’m a bit obsessed with making sure it’s there, but I don’t get off on thinking about asking for permission to do things. I tend to be much more turned on by the fantasy of non-consent. The internal conflict of desire and consent. I like fighting, struggling, resistance, overpowering, and especially that marvelous tension of being torn between wanting more and wanting it to stop, pleading and not knowing for which. I like intense desire going every which way. I used to date a woman who was very into being asked for her explicit consent before penetration, every time. That’s not my thing.

So for whatever it’s worth, this is not actually coming from the perspective of someone who thinks that talking about consent during every sexual act is really hot. I think that getting to know people well who prefer to set up some explicit default assumptions that sidestep that is way hotter. These are just some thoughts on how to make things hot anyway, when we don’t have time to make sure less careful play is going to be okay.

Obvious disclaimer: This is my perspective. It doesn’t have to be yours. I don’t really do much public play and almost never just jump into play with new folks without having a pretty good sense of how they work first. Maybe because it’s not usually how I do things, I get terribly nervous about it. Someone who’s really into this sort of thing might see things very differently. Actually, I would love to hear from other people on how they navigate first scenes with new people! What’s your advice?