“ALL of these men would be your boyfriend, if you would just COMMAND…”

Posted in relationships by Cal Stockton on November 25, 2009

Yesterday’s Girls With Slingshots illustrated one of the big misconceptions about dating as a toppish woman nicely.

It’s no easier than dating without the added complexity of non-mainstream sexuality. This should come as a shock to no one. And frankly, the men who would bristle at taking orders from a woman who they don’t know or have that relationship with are precisely the sort of men whose submission honors and awes me, when they choose to give it to me.

You can’t command anyone to love you. You can’t command worthwhile human beings to submit to you without first earning their respect.

(My boy is the most stubborn, confident, argumentative pain in the ass I could find – and he lays all of that at my feet. That’s what leaves me speechless with joy, every time.) (I should probably come up with a cute blog nickname for him, I suppose. I’m open to suggestions from people who know us.)

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