About the Authors

Cal is a toppish switch living in NYC. She’s been kinky for as long as she can remember, and is heartily sick of people suggesting that she capitalize on her pervy nature by starting a side business as a pro domme. She loves learning endlessly, and also paying it forward by teaching practical skills, answering questions, and giving advice. She sees this blog as a fun adventure, but also as a tool for skewing the discourse on female dominance to more accurately reflect her reality. You can reach her at

Ivy is a dominatrix with a travel habit, a corporate job, and an expense account. She is particularly fond of evoking artistic expression through kink, and has a long string of writers, artists, and musicians as her partners. (She still has fond memories of that opera singer’s attempted rendition of the last castrati’s recording.) When not deployed to one of her diverse clientele, she can be found at

Delilah is a switch and former professional domina who is currently more interested in helping people find their kinky freedom than in beating them behind their wives’ backs during their lunch hours. She leads at least a quadruple life as a writer, a healer, a lover of many, and one kinky freak. She loves long floggings (from both sides), serious penetration (ditto), and fear/intimidation (oh, yes please). She’d really prefer that nobody ever call her “Goddess” again, and can be reached using most normal forms of address at She also blogs at Advice and Consent.

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